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Forensic Anthropologists job description

A Forensic Anthropologist is a professional who is responsible for recovering and analyzing human remains from crime scenes and other places.

Use this Forensic Anthropologist job description to advertise your vacancies and find qualified candidates. Feel free to modify responsibilities and requirements based on your needs.

Forensic Anthropologist responsibilities include:

  • Handling human remains
  • Cleaning and preserving remains
  • Conducting inspections on remains for signs of trauma

Job brief

We are looking for a Forensic Anthropologist to join our team and help our organization uncover and examine human remains. 

Forensic Anthropologist responsibilities include identifying human remains, determining the time of death, and working in a laboratory setting to process and preserve the remains. 

Ultimately, you will work alone to help our organization understand how a death occurred. 


  • Identify the age and sex of remains
  • Estimate the time of death
  • Draft reports on findings
  • Appear in court cases
  • Collaborate with law enforcement
  • Compile reports and scientific studies

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Forensic Anthropologist or similar role
  • Lab and field experience
  • Ability to work long hours
  • Strong communication and teamwork skills
  • Relevant training and/or certifications as a Forensic Anthropologist

Frequently asked questions

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