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Employee vacation request form template

An employee vacation request form is a standardized document used by employees to formally request time off from work for vacation or other personal reasons.

A smooth workflow while accommodating employees’ personal needs is crucial. One of the ways companies maintain this balance is by using structured processes for routine requests, such as time off.

The employee vacation request form serves as a bridge between the employee’s personal needs and the company’s operational requirements, ensuring transparency and efficiency.

What is an employee vacation request form?

The vacation request policy is a set of guidelines and procedures that companies establish to manage and approve employees’ time-off requests. This policy ensures that there’s a systematic approach to handling vacation requests, minimizing disruptions and ensuring fairness.

The policy typically outlines the process of submitting a request, the notice period required, the criteria for approval, and how the company handles overlapping requests.

It also provides clarity on how vacation days are accrued, whether they can be carried over, and the implications of not using them. By having a clear policy, companies can ensure that business operations continue to run smoothly while employees get their well-deserved breaks.

An employee vacation request form should include:

Employee details: This includes the employee’s name, department, designation, and employee ID.

Vacation details: Specific start and end dates of the vacation, along with the total number of days requested.

Reason for vacation: A brief description of the reason for the vacation request, be it personal, medical, or leisure.

Backup or point of contact: Details of a colleague or team member who can handle the employee’s responsibilities in their absence.

Step-by-step instructions

In general, creating an employee vacation request form is an easy task for the HR department.

Here are some guidelines that will help you craft your own:

Choose a format: Decide whether you want a digital form (like a Google Form) or a paper-based form. Digital forms are easier to track and manage, but some companies prefer traditional methods.

Header: Start with a clear header like “Employee Vacation Request Form” to make the purpose of the form evident.
Employee details section: Create fields for the employee’s name, department, designation, and employee ID.

Vacation details section: Include fields for the start and end dates of the vacation, total days requested, and a calendar widget if it’s a digital form.

Reason for vacation: Provide a text box where employees can briefly describe the reason for their vacation.

Backup details: Create fields for the backup employee’s name and contact details.

Approval section: Leave a space for managerial signatures or digital approval mechanisms. This might include spaces for the immediate supervisor and HR manager.

Notes or comments section: Provide a space for any additional notes or comments from either the employee or the approving authority.

Footer: Include a declaration that the employee has adhered to company policies in making the request and understands any implications of their absence.

Review and test: Before rolling it out, test the form with a few employees to ensure it’s user-friendly and captures all necessary information.

Employee vacation request form template

Here’s a form you can use instantly. You can download it from the right sidebar.


Employee details:

Name: ____________________________
Department: _______________________
Designation: ______________________
Employee ID: ______________________
Vacation details:

Start date: ____ / ____ / ______
End date: ____ / ____ / ______
Total days requested: ___________
Reason for vacation:

Backup or point of contact during absence:

Name: ____________________________
Contact number: ___________________

Supervisor’s signature: ______________________ Date: ____ / ____ / ______
HR Manager’s signature: ____________________ Date: ____ / ____ / ______

Declaration: I hereby declare that I have adhered to the company’s vacation policies in making this request and understand the implications of my absence.

Employee’s signature: ______________________ Date: ____ / ____ / ______

Disclaimer: This policy template is meant to provide general guidelines and should be used as a reference. It may not take into account all relevant local, state or federal laws and is not a legal document. Neither the author nor Workable will assume any legal liability that may arise from the use of this policy.
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