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Carpenter interview questions and answers

These Carpenter interview questions will help you look for important qualifications and skills in your candidates.

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carpenter interview questions

Carpenter Interview Questions

Carpenters work in a variety of settings. They may work in construction, residential or commercial settings etc. A high school diploma and completion of an apprenticeship are usually required.

Your interview questions should be geared by the seniority of the position you’re hiring for. For example, if you’re hiring an apprentice, you should pay less attention to technical expertise and more to character aspects such as ability to follow instructions, willingness to learn and reliability. If you’re hiring a lead carpenter, pay attention to their past experience, leadership skills and problem-solving aptitude.

Look for candidates who understand the importance of safety and regulations in their job. You’d also want to see motivated people who love their craft. Attention to detail and math abilities are very important also. Dedicate a few minutes to discover their knowledge of tools and equipment.

Operational and Situational questions

  • Can you operate a scissor lift? What safety precautions would you take?
  • Where could you use a welding machine?
  • What useful information do you gather from a blueprint?
  • How do you ensure your measurements are accurate?
  • If a piece of your safety gear was hindering your movements, what would you do?
  • Walk me through the process of installing a drywall
  • What should you consider when building a cantilever deck?
  • What could you do to ensure a deck will last as long as possible? How do you avoid
  • What would you do if a coworker wasn’t taking necessary safety precautions?

Role-specific questions

  • How long have you been a carpenter?
  • Do you have experience as a residential/commercial/industrial carpenter?
  • What do you like about your job?
  • What do you think makes a good carpenter?
  • What does NTS mean on a blueprint?
  • Can you provide first-aid/CPR?
  • Do you test tools before use? How?

Behavioral questions

  • Tell me about a time you received instructions you didn’t agree with. What did you do?
  • Recall a time you coached an apprentice to do something better
  • Have you ever had a problem completing a project? What happened?
  • Tell me about you had to deal with a safety issue in your job

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