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Bakery Clerk job description

A Bakery Clerk is a baking professional who ensures that customers are well served in the bakery, while also helping Pastry Chefs with baking and decorating tasks as needed.


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Bakery Clerk responsibilities include:

  • Creating a welcoming and positive customer experience at the bakery counter
  • Advising customers on baked goods selection and taking orders
  • Weighing, pricing and packaging purchased items, as well as processing payments

Job brief

Frequently asked questions

What does a Bakery Clerk do?

A Bakery Clerk is responsible for the safe handling and distribution of baked goods for customers in a bakery. They also support Pastry Chefs by restocking inventory, assisting with baking tasks and cleaning the bakery environment.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Bakery Clerk?

Bakery Clerks are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the bakery, like bagging baked goods, attending the bakery’s cash register, and helping customers find the baked goods they are looking for.

What makes a good Bakery Clerk?

A good Bakery Clerk needs to have excellent customer service skills since they will work directly with customers at the bakery. They also need to be physically fit since they will be walking, standing and lifting heavy items throughout their shift.

Who does a Bakery Clerk work with?

A Bakery Clerk will work directly with customers throughout their shift, but they also assist Pastry Chefs with various baking tasks.

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