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attract top talen

How Casio transformed its hiring process to attract top talent

Casio utilized cutting-edge HR technology to bolster its focus on soft skills, resulting in positive outcomes for both candidate...

MIYO health teacher appreciation week

MIYO Health: optimizing the hiring process for education

MIYO Health, formerly known as Teleteachers, were born from a vision to address the glaring shortages in specialized educational...

hiring challenges now

What is the biggest HR challenge now? We asked 10 HR experts

It’s logical that challenges faced by HR a few years ago persist today.  The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated remote wor...

hiring challenges for project-based company

Planet shares hiring challenges for a project-based company

Planet is a management consulting and project management company operating for more than 35 years  in Greece and internationally...

Hiring Pulse

Your Hiring Pulse report for April 2024

In March’s Hiring Pulse, we looked at year-over-year comparisons through different lenses in our data. And this time, we find th...

Best interview questions to ask

110+ best interview questions and answers (according to 250+ recruiters)

Between the nuances involved with hiring for different positions and the importance of finding the right company culture fit, co...

5 qualities of a good employee and candidate and how to evaluate them in an interview

There’s tons of advice on how to evaluate soft skills at each stage of the hiring process. But, let’s take a step back for a mom...

8 steps of the selection process for hiring employees

8 steps of the selection process for hiring employees

Let’s face it: finding and selecting a candidate for a job isn’t as cut and dried as it may initially seem. You don’t just look ...

job offer letter examples

8 job offer letter templates for every circumstance with extra tips

Finding the perfect hire isn’t easy. Most of the time you have to review a lot of resumes and see many candidates before you mak...

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