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Senior Performance Engineer job description

A Senior Performance Engineer is a specialized role focused on enhancing the efficiency and reliability of software systems, ensuring optimal performance under varying loads and conditions to deliver a seamless user experience.

Alexandros Pantelakis
Alexandros Pantelakis

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Use this Senior Performance Engineer job description template to advertise open roles for your company. Be sure to modify requirements and duties based on the unique needs of the role you’re hiring for.

What is a Senior Performance Engineer?

A Senior Performance Engineer is an expert in analyzing, testing, and optimizing the performance of software applications across various platforms, including web and mobile. They are responsible for identifying bottlenecks and issues that may affect the application’s efficiency and user experience.

By using a combination of analytical skills, software development knowledge, and understanding of system architecture, they ensure that applications are scalable, responsive, and can handle the expected load.

What does a Senior Performance Engineer do?

A Senior Performance Engineer plays a crucial role in the development lifecycle of software applications by ensuring they perform optimally under all conditions. They design and execute performance test strategies, develop and maintain testing tools and frameworks, and work closely with development teams to identify and resolve performance issues.

Their work involves analyzing system architecture, conducting performance monitoring, and implementing solutions to improve response times and system scalability. By focusing on the end-to-end performance of the system, they help in creating a robust, efficient, and high-quality user experience, even under high traffic conditions.

They also serve as a performance advisor within agile teams, ensuring performance considerations are integrated into software development practices.

Senior Performance Engineer responsibilities include:

  • Developing performance test plans and strategies
  • Implementing performance testing tools and frameworks
  • Advising development teams on performance enhancement
  • Executing exploratory testing for new features within Agile development processes

Job brief

We are seeking a Senior Performance Engineer with a passion for optimizing the performance of complex software systems.

In this role, you’ll be the performance expert within an agile team, developing web and mobile-based software.

You’ll drive performance awareness, develop test plans, acquire and implement testing tools, and execute exploratory testing. Your expertise will ensure our platform delivers an excellent user experience, even under peak loads.

This is a critical role where your contributions will directly impact the scalability and efficiency of our software, working closely with development teams to advise on and enhance performance throughout the software lifecycle.


  • Drive awareness of performance-related techniques and issues within the development team.
  • Develop performance tests plans and strategies in conjunction with new software development.
  • Develop and acquire performance testing tools and frameworks, and implement test software for acceptance.
  • Execute exploratory testing and acceptance of new features/releases as part of a story-driven Agile development process.
  • Serve as an advisor to development teams on enhancing performance.

Requirements and skills

  • Software Development/QA experience in a production environment, including front-end and API development and testing
  • Proficiency in web application performance testing, including experience with Load Balancers, Linux, Postgres, Rails, or Node.js
  • Experience with performance monitoring of database servers and writing SQL queries
  • Proficiency in JavaScript and at least one scripting language (Java, Ruby, Python)
  • Experience in building test frameworks and integrating within a CI stack using tools like SVN/GIT, Codeship/Jenkins, Ant, Maven, Puppet, JIRA
  • Experience with performance testing frameworks/tools (Jmeter, Loadrunner, Webload)
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • A relevant B.Sc./B.A. degree

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