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New hire welcome letter (supervisor)

Supervisors play the most important role in helping their new hires settle and thrive in the workplace. With this new hire welcome letter template you can make an excellent start.

Dear [employee’s name]

Welcome on board! I’m delighted that you are joining us as our new [insert position]. I’ll be your team leader. I’m sure that someone with your background and skills will be a great asset to our team and accomplish great things.

From [insert date] onwards, you’ll be part of a strong team where conscientiousness and commitment to our work set us apart. We give everybody space to use their initiative and take responsibility.

Goals are set on an individual and team level every quarter. They’re always aligned with company objectives set by the executive board. You’ll be able to prioritize and organize your work as you see fit to attain those goals.

On your first day, we’ll take some time to talk further about your role, our team and anything you’d like to discuss. We’ll also talk about an orientation plan for your first month. This will help you familiarize yourself with your new workplace and get you started. To help in this process, I’ve assigned the role of your mentor to [insert name]. They’re looking forward to getting to know you.

The rest of your first day will be full. We take care that every new employee feels comfortable and welcome.

I hope you’ll be happy in your role and the company. I’m looking forward to talking to you in person!



For an HR letter to welcome employees, see our New Hire Welcome Letter HR Template.

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