Sample employee contract termination letter

This is a sample termination letter template for a contract employee. It provides a structure and key elements to avoid misunderstandings and disputes when ending an employee contract. Modify this free employee contract template with specific terms unique to the employee's contract and time at your company.

When using this employee contract template, feel free to make changes that reflects the situation under which the contract is being terminated. This sample contract letter should include all pertinent information for the terminated candidate. In addition, a terminating contract for hire template can be modified for termination of other services.

Termination of contract letter sample

Dear [name of recipient],

We regret to inform you that we will be ending your term of employment with us, as of [date]. Please consider the aforementioned date as your last day of work. This is done in compliance with the minimum notice period required by your contract.

You are required to return any of the company’s material, documents or equipment to which you had access during the period your contract. As with all employees, you are bound by our confidentiality and data protection policies.

You are entitled to be paid the amount of [state amount] in accordance with the terms of your contract. We will provide such payment on [example: your final day of work]. You are also entitled to [state other possible compensation or benefits].

We would like to thank you for your contribution and we wish you all the best for the future.

Yours etc.

For non-contract employees, see our Employee Termination Letter template.

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