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Elementary School Teacher job description

An Elementary School Teacher is a professional who creates and administers lesson plans for students throughout the school year. They also oversee the classroom and ensure a high level of student performance throughout.


Use this Elementary School Teacher job description to advertise your vacancies and find qualified candidates. Feel free to modify responsibilities and requirements based on your needs.

Elementary School Teacher responsibilities include:

  • Educating children in the classroom
  • Meeting with students and parents to discuss education-related issues and attending staff meetings
  • Establishing a developmentally appropriate, positive, inclusive and safe learning environment

Job brief

We are looking for a passionate Elementary School Teacher to help students develop and flourish throughout the school year. An Elementary School Teacher develops ways to help students grow in the classroom by setting an excellent example and providing lessons that meet the needs of all students. 

An Elementary School Teacher’s responsibilities include managing a classroom, communicating and teaching one or more subjects clearly and within the bounds of school procedures. They must also monitor each student’s progress and provide extra mentorship as needed.

Ultimately, you will work directly with students to ensure the success and development of your classroom throughout the year.


  • Giving and grading assignments, homework and tests
  • Helping students prepare for standardized testing
  • Overseeing students during recess, lunch and other activities
  • Talking to parents about their children’s progress
  • Meeting and working with other teachers and supervisors to discuss school policies

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as an Elementary School Teacher or similar role
  • The ability to communicate in ways students will understand, as well as with parents and administrators
  • Confidence speaking in front of groups and enforcing classroom rules
  • The creativity to create engaging lesson plans and inspire students to learn
  • The physical and mental stamina to keep up with high-energy grade school students

Frequently asked questions

What does an Elementary School Teacher do?

Elementary School Teachers are the go-to professionals for students in elementary grades. They develop lesson plans to teach subjects, including literature, math, science and history, among others, while observing their abilities for ongoing development.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an Elementary School Teacher?

Elementary School Teachers have many responsibilities like creating and editing lesson plans, enforcing classroom rules, observing student performance and grading homework assignments.

What makes a good Elementary School Teacher?

A good Elementary School Teacher must have communication skills to work with students, and they need to be active listeners to understand the needs of students. They also need to have adaptability, which means they can change their style depending on the needs or preferences of each individual student.

Who does an Elementary School Teacher work with?

Elementary School Teachers typically work alone in the classroom, but they are supervised by a School Principal who ensures educational standards are met via high-quality instruction and student success in the classroom.

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