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City Carrier Assistant job description

A City Carrier is a professional who delivers and receives mail from residents and businesses.

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May 9, 2022

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Use this City Carrier job description to advertise your vacancies and find qualified candidates. Feel free to modify responsibilities and requirements based on your needs.

City Carrier responsibilities include:

  • Receiving mail from the distribution center and organizing it into an efficient system for sequential delivery
  • Delivering mail in a vehicle or on foot along a predetermined route, maintaining the established schedule
  • Collecting any outgoing mail on the route and returning it for sorting and delivery

Job brief

We are looking for a City Carrier to join our team and oversee delivering and picking up mail from specific addresses. 

City Carrier responsibilities include receiving mail and organizing the mail to be delivered to the appropriate locations. 

Ultimately, you will work with a small team of carriers to receive and deliver mail as needed.


  • Route all classes of mail in sequence of delivery along an established route. 
  • Withdraw mail from the distribution case and prepare it in sequence for efficient delivery independently or by another carrier along an established route
  • Prepare and separate all classes of mail to be carried by truck to relay boxes along the route for subsequent delivery
  • Handle undeliverable mail in accordance with established procedures
  • Deliver mail along a prescribed route, on foot or by vehicle, on a regular schedule, picking up additional mail from relay boxes as needed.
  • Use portable electronic scanner as instructed

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a City Carrier or similar role
  • Physical conditioning to walk extended routes while carrying a fully loaded bag for on-foot routes
  • Strong interpersonal skills to greet customers on the route
  • Perseverance in the face of extreme weather
  • Relevant training and/or certifications as a City Carrier

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