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Chiropractor Job Description

A Chiropractor is a medical professional specializing in neuromusculoskeletal issues, providing treatment and management plans to alleviate pain and improve patients’ quality of life. They employ holistic approaches such as spinal manipulation, adjustments, and therapeutic techniques to address musculoskeletal conditions.

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What is a Chiropractor?

A Chiropractor is a medical professional specializing in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. They focus on providing holistic care to patients, particularly in the areas of pain management and improving overall well-being.

What does a Chiropractor do?

A Chiropractor works with patients to assess their physical condition, identify health concerns, and develop personalized treatment plans. They use various diagnostic tests, such as x-rays or ultrasounds, to understand the patient’s condition better. Chiropractors administer holistic treatments, including spinal manipulation, adjustments, massage, and other therapeutic techniques, to alleviate pain and improve the function of the musculoskeletal system. Their goal is to help patients achieve better health and alleviate discomfort through non-invasive and drug-free approaches.

Chiropractor responsibilities include:

  • Working with patients to identify health concerns and create a plan for treatment or management
  • Using tests, such as x-rays or ultrasounds, to better understand a patient’s condition
  • Administering holistic treatments, such as spinal manipulation, adjustments, massage and hot and cold compresses

Job brief

We are seeking a skilled Chiropractor to join our team and provide specialized care to patients experiencing muscle, nerve, and bone injuries, with a focus on the back and neck. Your role will involve evaluating the physical condition of patients, conducting necessary tests, and developing tailored treatment plans to alleviate ongoing pain and discomfort.

You will have the opportunity to work closely with patients, offering extended care and effective pain management solutions.

As a valuable member of our team, you will contribute to improving the well-being of our patients through your expertise and dedication.

If you are passionate about helping individuals recover from injuries and are committed to providing exceptional chiropractic care, we look forward to hearing from you.


  • Consult with patients about their medical history and reason for their visit 
  • Create a plan of care that focuses on the patient’s overall health and wellbeing
  • Assess the patient’s spine, posture and reflexes to provide the appropriate treatment
  • Perform neuromusculoskeletal therapy by adjusting the patient’s spine and other joints
  • Provide patients with tips to improve their lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise plans and stretches
  • Keep detailed records of patient information, conditions and treatment plans
  • Attend conferences and workshops to stay current with development in Chiropractic care
  • Refer patients to other doctors or specialists as needed

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience as a Chiropractor or similar role
  • Strong communication and active listening skills
  • Comprehensive knowledge of neuromusculoskeletal injuries, conditions, and treatments
  • Understanding of stretches, exercises, therapies and dietary changes that may help patients manage their overall health
  • Ability to analyze patient conditions based on observations and medical tests
  • A commitment to providing the best possible care
  • Relevant training and/or certifications as a Chiropractor

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