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Mental health

anxiety at work

Anxiety in the workplace: it’s affecting everyone in different ways

A common theme throughout the work world – and society in general – is the impact of the pandemic on mental health, and ultimate...

four-day workweek

Implementing an alternating four-day workweek: how & why

As such, we decided to try offering an alternating four-day workweek to our employees. The results have been encouraging thus fa...

Announcing Mental Health in the Workplace: 2022 Worker Survey

Those are questions on the minds of employers right now, especially with workplace mental health becoming a main area of focus a...

Podcast episode #14: Mental Health at work — fostering a healthier workplace culture

The Big Quit is upon us – and many workers are citing burnout as a factor in why they’re done with the current system. This mean...

remote employee mental health

How to take care of your remote employees’ mental health

A Metlife annual benefits report conducted a few months into the pandemic revealed that: 44% of employees now have serious conce...

Employer mental health policy template

The Mental Health Policy emphasizes the importance of mental well-being in the workplace. It aims to address and prevent mental ...

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