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Working, hiring and onboarding in the “new normal”

Hiring teams are distributed. More candidates are competing for fewer jobs. Instead of picking conference rooms for interviews, we’re picking Zoom backgrounds. The way we work and hire has changed a lot in these past few months. And while this is far from over, we’ve seen enough to predict which changes are temporary, which are permanent... and which we've yet to experience.

In this webinar, we explore what HR and Talent professionals can expect from a post-COVID hiring process — and what you can do now to prepare. You’ll get a closer look at our collective “new normal” and learn how it will impact your day-to-day, from attracting talent to onboarding new employees.

In just sixty minutes, this webinar will help you:

  • Ready your hiring process for the new normal
  • Immediately improve your employer brand and candidate experience
  • Develop an engaging strategy for onboarding remote employees
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