How to track time to hire metrics with Workable

How efficient are your hiring teams? How quickly do they make decisions and how long does it take them to spot the right candidate? These are questions you can answer...

How to track candidate flow with Workable

A healthy recruiting process requires a healthy flow of candidates. ‘Candidate flow’ refers to the number of candidates that enter your talent pipeline over a given time period. For example,...

How to monitor recruiting pipeline with Workable reports

In your mind, how do you visualize your recruiting process? A common way is to think of it as a pipeline that begins when candidates apply to your jobs or...

Workable email templates for recruiters and hiring managers

A task as simple as sending an email shapes the impression candidates get of your company. Poorly-structured, rushed recruiting emails to candidates indicate lack of organization. But, thoughtful rejection emails...

Designing a branded company careers page with Workable

Careers pages are powerful recruiting tools. According to research, sixty-four percent of job seekers consider careers pages valuable resources during their job search. Once they’re on your careers site, potential...

How to run a background check with Workable

Background checks are performed at the final stage of the hiring process. Put simply, they’re legal checks into a candidate’s past to check that they really are who they say...

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