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A deep dive into the data behind DEI

There’s no doubt diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is a top priority for talent acquisition teams in 2021. Which means there’s no shortage of opinions on how to reach your DEI goals. Really: A Google search for the term returns more than 1.6 billion results.

Carolyn Martin
Carolyn Martin

Carolyn was a Lifecycle Marketing Manager at Workable.Her primary topics are DEI initiatives, HR trends, and psychology insights.


So, how can you choose the best place to start? The answer is easy – “look at the data”. We surveyed nearly 800 business and HR professionals, resulting in numerous compelling insights to help us better understand the status of DEI in companies and the most impactful ways to take action.

Tune in to hear the experts discuss how to:

  • Dissect the most compelling insights around DEI in the workplace and utilize them to create a business case
  • Differentiate between “talking the talk” and “walking the walk” when establishing a tangible and sustainable DEI strategy
  • Benchmark your own DEI goals with quantitative and qualitative data across your sourcing channels, recruitment process and workforce
Start fostering workplace diversity

Diversity is generally accepted as an asset to modern hiring teams and can help drive innovation and growth. Learn how to cultivate and foster diversity in the workplace.

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