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Workable makes it easy to keep on top of your hiring pipeline wherever you are. Choose email or mobile notifications (or both!) to stay informed about your latest candidates, comments and evaluations. Never miss a great candidate, just because you’re out of the office.

Note: Not using Workable for mobile yet? Download Workable for iOS or Android.

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Notification types
Managing notifications via the desktop
Managing notifications via mobile

Notification types

Notifications are divided into different types. Choose to get notified about some or all of the following:

Comments: choose to be notified when
• there are new comments on candidates you’re following
• your name is mentioned in a comment

Evaluations: choose to be notified when
• there are new evaluations on candidates you’re following
• your name is mentioned in an evaluation

Candidates: get notified every time a new candidate applies

Reports: opt-in to receive an aggregated report of new candidates sent either daily or weekly.

Notice that even if you’re a follower of a candidate, you can opt out of receiving email or mobile notifications, and instead, catch up via your Workable inbox.

Managing notifications via the desktop

To set up your notification preferences from your desktop browser, access your Personal Profile from the account settings menu at the top right hand corner of your screen:

Profile settings in Workable

Scroll down to the ‘Notifications’ section of the page that follows.

If you’ve downloaded Workable for iOS or Android you’ll see the option to select email and/or mobile notifications. If you have yet to download the app, you will only see the options to select email notifications.

Managing notifications via mobile

Mobile notifications (also known as ‘push’ notifications) keep you up-to-date when you’re on the move, without the need to log in to the app. In this example the iOS user has opted in to receive new comment notifications, and notifications for new candidates. You can see the notifications float over the top of the main screen:

mobile recruiting notification


For iOS users
To switch notifications on or off individually open the Workable app and tap Settings > Notifications. You’ll see the full list of options available and can switch them or or off individually at any time. To switch them off completely, go to your phone settings and select Notifications. Scroll to the Workable link and switch the setting to off.

For Android users
To select only the notifications you need, open the Workable app and visit: Settings > Notifications. You’ll see the full list of options available and can switch them on or off individually.

To switch all notifications off, visit: Settings > Notifications > Workable app. Should you change your mind at a later date, return here to switch them back on.


I’d like to get mobile notifications but I don’t see the option on the desktop version. Why not?
If you’re not using the Workable mobile app for iOS or Android the option to receive mobile notifications will not be shown. To receive mobile notifications, follow the links above to download the app.

I opted not to receive any notifications from Workable on my phone, but I’ve changed my mind. Can I re-activate them on the phone?
Yes, on iOS, go to your phone settings, and then to Workable. You’ll see the option to activate notifications there.
On your Android device, go to Settings >Notifications > Workable app.

If you’ve only switched them off inside Workable, then open the Workable app and tap Settings > Notifications.

How can I follow or unfollow a candidate?
The options to follow / unfollow or add followers to a candidate is found close to the top of the candidate profile:

Keep the team up to date with candidates by adding followers

In this example, the small profile photos show the members of the hiring team who are following this candidate. To add more followers, click the [+] icon. As this user is already following the candidate, the button on the right is to ‘unfollow’. Had this user not already been a follower, it would say ‘follow’.

I didn’t opt to follow a candidate but seem to be following them anyway – how come?
When someone ‘@mentions’ you in a comment, you are automatically added as a follower of the candidate. To remove yourself, just go to the candidate profile and click ‘Unfollow’ (shown above). Alternatively, keep following the candidate, but switch off the notifications for @mentions of your name in comments.


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