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Namely is a leading HR, payroll and benefits platform. Integrate Namely with Workable to export candidate details straight into your Namely account – without leaving Workable. It’s a faster way to move from hired to onboard.

How it works

The integration seamlessly exports candidate information to your Namely account. When you hire a candidate, their details are transferred to Namely as a new employee.

Imported information:

  • Photo or avatar (depending on your account settings)
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Personal email address
  • Job title (as listed in Workable)
  • Start date (the date the candidate was moved to ‘Hired’
  • Candidate resume (PDF)
  • LinkedIn url (depending on your social profile privacy settings)
  • User status (active)

Setting up the integration

Note: only Workable account admins are able to set up integrations with external tools.

1. Generate a Namely API token

integrate Workable with Namely

  • Get started by logging in to your Namely account
  • Click on your account icon, and select ‘API’ from the dropdown menu (see example above).
  • On the screen that follows, enter ‘Workable’ as the name for the new access token, and click ‘Create’.
  • The token will be added at the top of the page, highlighted in the black bar. Keep a note of it; you’ll need this for step 2:

Create a new API access token in Namely


2. Connect Namely to Workable

Integrate workable with your BambooHR account

  • Login to your Workable account
  • Click on your account icon at the top right of the screen and select ‘Integrations’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Scroll down the page that follows and click ‘Namely’:

Adding Namely to Workable

  • When the page expands you’ll see two places to enter your Namely details.
    1) Enter your namely subdomain.
    If you’re not sure what this is, this example explains how to find it:
    If you usually access Namely via the following address: , your subdomain would be my_company
    2) Enter the Namely Access Token generated in step 1

Next, set up your preferences.

Setting up your Namely preferences

Auto export candidate details to Namely

Candidate profile data is exported to Namely at the Hired stage of the recruiting pipeline. There are two ways this can happen based on your company’s preference:

  • Auto-export:
    Candidate information is pushed to Namely automatically when a candidate is moved to the hired stage.
    To auto export, set the switch to ON
  • Manual:
    A member of your hiring team pushes the candidate data to Namely by tapping the ‘Export’ button.
    To export manually, set the switch to OFF

Save your settings

When you’re happy with the set up, tap ‘Update settings’ and the integration will be complete. When you next visit a candidate profile, you’ll see the Namely button in the toolbar:

Exporting data from Workable to Namely

If you’ve set up auto-export, this is just there for reassurance. If you’ve chosen to export manually, click the button to export the details.


A candidate has been uploaded to Namely from Workable without a job title. Why?
When a there’s a mismatch between the job title in Workable and the job title in Namely, the candidate is uploaded without a job title. In this instance, once the final job title has been decided, it should be added manually.


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