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One-way video interviews: The new normal

Workable's one-way video screening tool not only supports your virtual hiring process, but can also reduce time to hire, increase recruiter productivity and improve your candidate experience. In this webinar, you’ll learn how from Michalis Rikakis, VP of Product at Workable and former Product Manager of Google Hangouts.

Almost overnight video has become essential to the way we work and hire. And while video interviewing is nothing new, asynchronous interviews, also called one-way video interviews, are becoming a key tool for hiring. More than just a short-term solution for a temporarily remote workforce, many talent & people teams are embracing video screening as the new normal.

In just sixty minutes, this webinar will help you:

  • Develop a process to screen candidates at scale on your own time, from anywhere and any device
  • Learn how structure effective one-way video interviews, from question input all the way to hiring manager collaboration
  • Empower candidates to show their best self with a guided, thoughtful process (no download required!)

Keep your pipeline moving with Video Interviews
Candidates record responses to interview questions at their convenience, so you can review them at yours. It’s a flexible process proven to help you screen more candidates, faster — wherever you’re doing it from.

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