How ownerIQ reduced cost per hire by 54% using Workable

ownerIQ provides transparent, second-party audience data to marketers across a range of industries. It operates from six locations across the US. Since using Workable it has reduced cost per hire by 54%, increased referrals by 3x and decreased agency use.

The challenge

The solution

  • Relied heavily on external recruiters
  • Struggled to expand their talent pool
  • Limited employer brand awareness
  • Inconsistent applicant tracking and feedback
  • Reduced company dependency on external recruiters
  • Reduced cost per hire by 54%. Increased referrals by 3x
  • Streamlined workflow with a scalable solution, specifically:
  • Targeted job posting
  • Building and maintaining employer brand
  • Internal candidate sourcing
  • Single system for collaboration and feedback
  • Fast adoption due to desktop and mobile
  • Robust reporting & analytics

The challenge: Struggling to scale, struggling to source

ownerIQ operates in the aggressive new market of programmatic advertising. Its business changes fast and often. Which means it has to hire fast and often too. To meet demand, large fees were paid to external recruiters. But this wasn’t attracting the rich pool of talent needed.

Jay Schaufeld became SVP of Human Resources in Jan 2017. He was quick to see limitations in the company’s existing approach.

“The organization had hired some great people,” says Jay. “But it was too reliant on agencies and didn’t have a scalable workflow. We started looking for a tool that could help us with that.”

The solution: Intuitive hiring software with built-in sourcing

Most of ownerIQ’s in-house recruitment is done by hiring managers spread across different locations. So it needed a hiring platform that everyone could use from day one.

For HR Generalist, Gretchen Bradley, Workable’s intuitive software offered this and more.

Quick to implement and quick to adopt, it changed their hiring culture overnight.

“Ease of use is the best thing about Workable,” says Gretchen. “Hiring through an applicant tracking system was a new thing for everyone. They used to do everything through emails and spreadsheets. But we’ve had 100% uptake, no training required. Now everything’s in Workable.”

With so many management-level users, usability had to go hand-in-hand with fast and responsive customer support.

“We provide deep value to our customers,” says Jay. “So when we were looking for vendors it was important to find a company whose brand also reflected this. With 24/7, global support, it’s clear Workable understands and prioritizes its customers and would be a good fit for us.”

So, two big boxes ticked. A quick demo of Workable’s built-in sourcing tool, People Search, ticked the third.

“We sat down with a representative from Workable who said ‘Show me the hardest position you have to fill right now,’” says Jay. “So we pulled it up on our website and talked for about 30 seconds about the profile of the role. He used People Search and in front of me there were four or five people who were really strong candidates.

“That was a powerful selling point for me because instead of talking about capability, Workable demonstrated it, in real time.”

The outcome: Big savings, better candidates, 100% buy-in

Three months later and ownerIQ’s figures already showed big efficiencies in their hiring.

“Within 90 days I can point to savings for the organization. We’ve effectively reduced our cost per hire by 54%, we’ve reduced our agency use and we’ve increased our employee referrals by 3x. The time-saving has also been huge.”

The impact of Workable, and the savings made, have been recognized at director level.

“We’ve already shared some of the results from a financial perspective with our board,” says Jay. “We’ve had nothing but a great response.”

But for ownerIQ success isn’t all in the figures. Just as important is the improved quality of their hiring process and of candidates in their talent pool.

“Using Workable we’ve streamlined hiring,” says Jay. “We’ve built a more scalable process, and improved candidate communication and candidate flow. Feedback from hiring managers has been positive, not just about our process and the quantity of candidates, but also quality.

“Before implementing Workable we were reliant on just a few job boards. Now, as soon as we open a position, it’s blasted to multiple sites. Add in People Search for sourcing, and we’re consistently seeing a caliber of candidate we didn’t have access to before.”

Brand recognition has also benefited from the wider exposure.

“We work in an industry that has a very tight, controlled talent pool,” says Jay. “So getting our story out there has been a priority for us. Workable has enabled us to do that through the way that we’re posting our jobs. We’re now hiring people who already understand us.”

The future: A progressive partnership and a progressive vision

ownerIQ wanted an ATS that would support it to scale. It also wanted more than just a tool. It wanted a relationship that reflected its own customer-centric approach to business.

“Every time I think of a new feature—something that we’d like to do—Workable is already working on it,” says Jay. “With Workable we’ve got a partner who understands and can guide us. And we’re very excited to be a part of that.”

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