How GXB super-charged sourcing with Workable

Working in partnership with 2 other agencies, GXB sources executive, mid-management and professional candidates for clients across the world. They found 150, executive-level candidates in minutes using Workable’s built-in candidate sourcing functionality.

The challenge

The solution

  • Outdated, SQL server-based hiring management system
  • High volume of candidates required for exec roles
  • One-size-fits-all hiring pipelines
  • Future-proof hiring by choosing a modern ATS
  • Used APIs to incorporate customized integrations into hiring
  • Hired for hard-to-fill roles using built-in sourcing functionality
  • Create custom pipelines for different roles to match hiring process

The challenge: Outdated tech, limited sourcing capability

GXB sources executive level talent for clients across the world. It works closely with its 2 other recruitment firms—Fauve & Associates and Klondike—who specialize in mid-management and professional candidates. It has a rich, international network of contacts, which attracts clients from around the globe. At the heart of its hiring strategy is a close, collaborative culture which spans its three specialist recruitment firms. But its recruiting software was limiting. Outdated and clunky, it wasn’t keeping pace with HR tech or industry developments, nor was it equipped to meet its wide and challenging sourcing remit.

“We’d been using the same hiring management system since we started the business back in 2010,” says Partner, Emmanuel Boileau. “It was a good system, but the problem was the technology hadn’t moved on. It was still operating on an SQL server-based model and there was no API available.”

Without the API access they needed to support integrations, GXB weren’t equipped to source at the volume and pace they needed.

“We’re committed to finding the best talent around for our clients,” says Emmanuel. “We source high volume candidates for high level, executive roles, which means looking far and wide. But our legacy software didn’t make it easy for us to deliver on that level.”

The one-size-fits-all hiring pipelines were also restrictive.

“We have 3 different recruitment firms each working to meet different briefs—executive, middle management and professional,” says Emmanuel. “The assessment and interview stages differ depending on the level and type of role. We wanted to be able to customize our pipelines to reflect this. But, this wasn’t possible with our old software.”

The solution: Progressive hiring tech with powerful in-built sourcing

Struggling with a hiring platform they’d outgrown, GXB started researching alternatives. Top of their list was recruiting software that could streamline and super charge their sourcing strategy.

“We went to the HR tech conference in Vegas,” says Emmanuel. “Workable stood out for us because it had a sophisticated, built-in searching tool and a robust API to support integrations. These were our two big requirements.”

People Search, Workable’s powerful candidate search engine, offered the intelligent, far-reaching and targeted approach to sourcing they’d been looking for.

Workable’s Boolean search capability was far greater than anything else we’d looked at,” says Emmanuel. “We could see its potential in putting us in touch with high-performing candidates with the right mix of skills and experience to match our hard-to-fill roles.”

Just months after migrating over to Workable, they volunteered to take part in the beta-testing of a new feature, Auto-Suggest.

“Workable has a fast manual search which was working well for us,” says Emmanuel. “But when we heard about a new function being developed that would find candidates automatically, we couldn’t wait to try it out. Sourcing is all-consuming for us. Anything that speeds up and automates parts of the process, without sacrificing quality of results, is a game changer for us.”

The outcome: Faster, more successful sourcing

Six months on and the three firms’ sourcing strategy has been transformed using Workable. They’ve made 62 hires. They’re working with customized hiring pipelines and integrations, and have more transparent and effective collaboration across their three agencies. But the biggest transformation has been from candidates Auto-Suggested via Workable.

“In minutes, we added 150, highly-qualified prospects to our talent pool just using the new, Auto-Suggest function. We also sourced candidates for three executive level, hard-to-fill positions.”

The future: A platform it won’t outgrow

Taking part in the beta testing of Auto-Suggest gave GXB first-hand experience of Workable’s commitment to product development and improvement. And added confidence in the progressive nature of its HR tech.

“It’s clear that Workable is committed to evolving its product to make it easier for customers to find and hire better people, faster,” says Emmanuel. “We wanted a modern ATS that would future proof our approach. And we know with Workable we’ve got a progressive and powerful tool that will grow, and support us to grow too.”

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