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Bulb grows by 9,000% with Workable, scaling from 8 people to 700 in three years

Founded in 2013, Bulb Energy in the UK has a powerful mission, to disrupt the energy industry in the UK, making renewable energy accessible to everyone. They’ve responded to a glaring gap in the market and rapidly scaled their employee base to meet increased customer demand. With Workable, Bulb grew from eight people to 700 in three years.

The challenge

The solution

  • Need to figure out how to build recruitment process alongside booming growth
  • Different roles require unique evaluations
  • Faster team growth than the ability to find senior leadership
  • Need to automate manual interview steps to recruit at scale
  • Use Workable reporting to build out benchmarks to hire 20-30 people every two weeks
  • Structure internal pipelines to match seniority
  • Recruit for senior leadership with referrals and external recruiters synced to Workable
  • Use tools like ThriveMap, Pymetrics and group interviews to decrease interviewers’ time

As Bulb developed their early strategy, the market they looked to tap into was huge. They had the momentum but they wanted to scale in the right way. As such, one of their first key hires was recruitment leader Michael Laws who serves as their Head of Recruitment. Michael brought two decades of experience to Bulb and built the team from the ground up. One of the first decisions he made was to implement Workable so that they could scale with a partner that boosts their growth while keeping organized. 

“I joined Bulb just over three years ago. There [were] eight people in the company: the founders and six people. Very early days, obviously not very many customers or systems or processes.”

Bulb took off with customer experience and affordable pricing as their competitive differentiators. It was all hands on deck in the beginning as they developed business and hiring strategies to rapidly scale and meet business demand. They’ve found that they can’t always scale their recruitment team proportionally to growth, and Workable automates the process where it makes sense. With assessment products like ThriveMap and Pymetrics, they’ve been able to fairly and fastly assess their high volume of candidates.

Says Michael: “We look for ways [where] we can screen candidates, like, auto-screen candidates in a way that doesn’t require quite as many people.”

With Michael at the helm of recruitment, according to a SyndicateRoom report, Bulb became the fastest-growing UK company in terms of valuation from 2016 to 2019. Today, Bulb’s the seventh biggest energy supplier in the UK, and now has expanded to France, Spain and the United States. 

“Business is growing massively. We now supply 6.5% of UK domestic properties, which is 1.7 million homes. We have nearly 700 people in the office.”

Michael’s day ranges from building hiring plans with his team for how they’re going to hire 500 people during the next 12 months, thinking about share incentives, writing briefing notes, to doing a phone screen for senior roles. Michael stresses the value and importance of using Workable reports in order to set benchmarking metrics for his team. The reports allow him to review Bulb’s hiring process history and further optimize it going forward. With a varied and busy schedule, Michael relies on Workable to help him scale Bulb’s employee base efficiently.

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