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Workable Ideas, a new HR and recruitment speaker series, returns on April 26 with the Recruitment Marketing Masterclass. Join speakers from Amtrak, Clover Food Lab, Wistia, Vitamin T, Maxwell Health, and EverTrue to learn what’s different about today’s job seekers, how to make the most out of your recruiting spend, and how to build an attractive and competitive employer brand.

“At the end of the day, an employer’s brand is the most important tool in a recruiter’s belt. Keep it sharp and make it shine,” says Casey Winner, Talent Acquisition Lead at Evertrue.

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Meet our speakers

Kerry Noone (@kerrynoone) is the employer brand strategist behind Amtrak and Sodexo‘s best-in-class careers accounts on social media. Kerry’s recruitment marketing has been featured on publications such as the Glassdoor blog and ERE Media. Get inspired by her work—see @AmtrakCareers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

Megan Pileggi (@MegEPileggi) is the HR Director at Clover Food Labs, the largest and fastest-growing food truck operator in the country.  Since Clover opened in 2010, Megan has recruited, hired and trained hundreds of people, while developing materials and systems designed to grow hourly staff members into Clover leaders.

Casey Winner (@caseybwinner) is the Talent Acquisition Lead at EverTrue, a Bain Capital Ventures-backed, high-growth startup in Boston’s Innovation District. Casey leverages EverTrue’s thriving company culture and lively workplace to attract high-quality candidates with a DNA of collaboration, grit and a dash of fun.

Lola Sizemore (@lolasizemore), a former art director, is a Creative Talent Agent at Vitamin T the talent agency for digital creatives and the design-minded companies who love them. As an art director, Lola has won Hatch, Addy and Broderson Awards. Her ad agency experience translates to understanding her clients’ needs and partnering with them to attract and source qualified creative candidates.
Sara DeBrule (@saradebrule) is a Senior Recruiter at Wistia, a video hosting platform and one of the pillars of the Boston tech scene. Sara creates recruitment marketing strategies to hire world-class talent (both passive and active) and deliver the best possible candidate experience to everyone who applies to Wistia.

Our Moderator

Meg Murphy (@megalegamurph) the Communications and Business Development Manager at Maxwell Health. Meg’s in charge of recruitment marketing at Maxwell Health and leads activities like joining relevant industry conversations, amplifying employees’ stories, and articulating  Maxwell Health’s mission to change healthcare in America.

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Christine Del Castillo

Christine Del Castillo is the former Community Manager at Workable. She wrote about employee experience, talent brands and our event series, Workable Ideas. She tweets @chrissachrissa.

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