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Get ready. On June 28, Workable Ideas returns to tackle bias in the hiring process with an exciting panel of experts from Novartis, GapJumpers, the Startup Institute, Datadog, OpenView Venture Partners and recruitHer.

This free event will be hosted at our Boston headquarters and will be livestreamed for online audiences. We’ll discuss the most effective processes, tools and training for combating unconscious bias in hiring. With more inclusive hiring procedures, employers can recruit from the widest pool of qualified talent and reap the business benefits of a diverse and inclusive workforce.

“Companies who fail to take specific steps to de-bias hiring are losing out on fantastic talent, “ says Gina Helfrich, co-founder of recruitHer, a women-owned consulting and recruiting agency connecting tech companies with diverse talent. “The smartest, most competitive companies have recognized this risk and are making sure their hiring process is designed to mitigate and minimize unconscious errors in human judgment.”

“The number one thing that is important about tackling bias in hiring is to make sure that you embed practices to yield sustainable long term effects in addition to short-term gains,” says Petar Vujosevic, co-founder of GapJumpers, a technology platform for employers to conduct blind auditions in hiring.

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amri_johnson-thumb-wp Amri Johnson (@AmriJohnson) is the VP and US Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research. The NIBR office of D&I is a conduit that serves to embed diversity and inclusion into the fabric of the NIBR organizational culture.


DianeHessanHeadshot-thumb-wp Diane Hessan (@DianeHessan) is CEO of the Startup Institute. Diane is also Chairman of Communispace, where she was CEO for 13 years. Diane has been awarded the Pinnacle Award from the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, the Most Admired CEO award from the Boston Business Journal, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and third on The Boston Globe’s Top Women in Technology List.


CarlieSmith-thumb-wp Carlie Smith (@carliejsmith) is the Senior Talent Manager at Open View Partners. Prior to joining OpenView, Carlie recruited top finance, accounting and human resource professionals in the New York City and Boston markets with Winter, Wyman & Company.


PetarVujosevic_GapJumpers-thumb-wp Petar Vujosevic (@gapjumpers)is the Co-Founder and COO of GapJumpers. GapJumpers builds tools to interrupt implicit bias and increase diversity in the workplace. From candidate outreach, applicant screening to internal promotions, GapJumpers helps companies manage bias to impact diversity, hiring and business goals.


GinaHelfrich-thumb-wp Gina Helfrich (@ginahelfrich) is Co-Founder of recruitHer, a women-owned recruiting and consulting firm connecting diverse talent with opportunities in the tech industry. Gina is also the former Director of the Harvard College Women’s Center at Harvard University.


Marissa_Parillo-thumb-wp Marissa Parillo (@marissaparillo) is a Senior Recruiter at Datadog, where she focuses on finding top tier talent in the tech B2B space. Her specialties include employment branding, sourcing passive and active talent and closing and negotiating hard-to-get talent.

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Christine Del Castillo

Christine Del Castillo is the former Community Manager at Workable. She wrote about employee experience, talent brands and our event series, Workable Ideas. She tweets @chrissachrissa.

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