Applicant tracking system features and benefits to consider

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Every two weeks we invite a prominent HR expert to share their knowledge and tips around the most important questions in HR and recruitment. This week we spoke to startup hiring expert @HungLee about applicant tracking system benefits, features and who really needs an ATS.

As a recap here are some of the questions we discussed:

  1. When should you start thinking about using an applicant tracking system?
  2. What are the top 10 features every applicant tracking system should have?
  3. What factors determine which applicant tracking system is right for you?
  4. Do I need an applicant tracking system if I use external recruiters?
  5. What is the future for applicant tracking systems?

Considering an ATS? See how Workable compares to other applicant tracking systems, like Lever and Greenhouse.

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Rob Long

Rob Long is VP Partnerships at Workable. He's a former recruiter who writes mostly about hiring best practice. He tweets @_roblong.

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