Meet the top 50 HR Twitterati
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Top 50 HR Twitterati

Nikos Moraitakis |

From the most innovative recruiters to the smartest VCs and emerging entrepreneurs, they’re all having 140-character conversations that you can join in. Here’s Workable’s list of the top 50 people you should follow to make sense of the changing HR landscape.

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The Generalists

Tweeting on talent and culture to leadership, tech and law.

  • Suzanne Lucas

    The agony aunt of HR. Under her stage name Evil HR Lady she answers any and all of your questions.



The best in talent acquisition, sourcing candidates and the hurdles of hiring.

  • Kirsti Grant

    Kirsti Grant New Zealand

    Possibly the finest writer of job specs in the world. Head of Talent at Vend, the ‘destroyers of cash registers’.

  • Shally Steckerl

    A self-prescribed pain relief for your sourcing agony. Blogs at

  • Greg Savage

    Under the moniker ‘Savage Truth’ he consults for top Australian business. Founder of Recruitment Solutions. Speaker and author.

  • Jenny DeVaughn

    One of LinkedIn’s Top 10 Most Connected Women, with a growing following on Twitter. Dayjob as Snr Director of Emplyment Branding and Sourcing at ADP.

  • Katharine Robinson

    Former winner of the title of GrandMaster Sourcer at the SouceCon conference in San Diego. Split between Pespico UK and @Sourcing Hat.


Company Builders

Our favourite follows for insight into growing great companies and nurturing talent.

  • Jason Fried

    Jason Fried Chicago

    Founder and CEO at Basecamp, the project management app. Co-author of best-seller Getting Real.


The voices worth listening to in HR media and beyond.

  • Laurie Ruettimann

    Twitter mainstay for US HR watchers. Consultant to top executives on talent and tech trends.


  • Kathryn Minshew

    Founder of @DailyMuse and one of Forbes 30-under-30. Careers-focused contributor at Wall Street Jounral and Harvard Business Review.

  • Matt Charney

    Managing Editor of Background in social marketing and self confessed HR nerd.

  • Ted Coine

    An interviewer of fascinating people. Also Forbes Top 10 Influencer, blogger and the other half of SwitchandShift.

  • Jessica Merrell

    Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Blogging4Jobs. Rated as Top 50 Power User by Forbes. Speaker on recruiting and leadership.

  • Jeremy Roberts, SPHR

    Mainstay of the conference circuit. Creator of cool events for recruiters and sourcers. Editor of @Sourcecon.

  • Jessica Stillman

    Globe-trotting writer with an interest in unusual career paths. Good follow for Startup CEOs.

  • John Hollon

    VP of editorial at and an award-winning writer with a focus on best business practice.

  • Bill Kutik

    The father of the popular HR Tech Conference. Best-known as host for his own twice-weekly US radio show also tech columnist for HRE.

  • Sue Meisinger

    Sue Meisinger Virginia/Massachusetts

    Former CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management. Regular columnist and speaker. Splits time between VA and MA.

  • Paul Taylor

    Reporter, columnist and editor of the FT’s widely respected Connected Business section.

  • William Tincup, SPHR

    A distinctive surname and a powerful voice. Co-host of DriveThruHR, Fistful of Talent writer with a huge Twitter following.


HR Tech

Cream of creators and analysts in the fast-expanding field of HR Tech.


We’ve created a handy twitter list so you can follow all the latest news and comment from the HR Twitterati. Is there someone you think should be on the list? Tweet us @Workable to make your suggestions.


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