Seasonal hiring survival kit for employers

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Legions of seasonal employees will be hired this year to support favorite holiday activities like shopping and eating. That means employers need to hustle in order to hire qualified staff under much tighter deadlines. Keep the madness to a minimum with this roundup of resources and tips for seasonal hiring. Don’t start from scratch. Take advantage of our templates for job descriptions, interview questions, offer letters, rejection letters and more.

Getting the details right

First things first. Sort out the details of work eligibility, benefits, wages, shift scheduling, onboarding, training etc. If you do this now, you won’t have to put out any fires during peak season.

6 steps to finding qualified people, quickly

Step 1 – Attract the right people with the right job descriptions. We’ve got a ton for multiple industries, including hospitality, travel and retail.

Step 2 – Need to interview wait staff? Cashiers? Head this way for ready-to-ask interview questions.

Step 3 – Time to do some recruiting. Start with re-hires and employee referrals.

Step 4Investing in a paid ad is a good way to get more candidates. Here’s our top job board picks for freelance and seasonal jobs.

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Step 5 – If you need an even bigger boost, try posting to multiple job boards with just one click.

Step 6 – Get your on-boarding process working smoothly with our new hire company policy template.

How to run a background check

Employee theft and employee fraud happens more often than you think. Not to mention, more than half of all employers plan to transition seasonal employees into full-time employees. To help you do due diligence, here’s our intro to background checks. Even if you’re not using Workable to run background checks, this resource is full of basic info why you need to do background checks and how they work.

Offer and rejection letters

Now it’s time to make some hires and to gently let some people know that you won’t be hiring them this time around. These pre-written offer and rejection letters are a good place to start. They’re templates, so feel free to tailor them to your specific needs. Remember to be nice. Candidates will talk to others about their hiring experience with your company, and all candidates are current or potential customers too.

Training tip: Free up some time to get other things done by training all new staff at the same time, or in batches.
Motivation tip: Awarding prizes for a job well done is a great way to get seasonal employees to care about their work.
Also, here’s a quick guide to employee benefits that are required by law.

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