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Save the date, Tuesday March 15, and join us in launching our new speaker series, Workable Ideas. We’ll be kicking off with one of the big topics of our working times, “The Rise of the Remote Worker”, with experts who know what it means to recruit, structure and manage distributed teams. It has become one of the signature ambitions of the digital age but how does it work in reality? What are the true costs and benefits of leaving the office behind? Don’t miss the chance to hear from and meet some of the pioneers from Buffer, Trello, Ashoka, Help Scout, and Workable.

“Being able to cast that wider net in attracting top talent regardless of location is crucial in 2016. There are ways to make it successful and ways to, well, fail,” says Liz Hall, VP of People, at Trello, “We’re excited to share best practices and tips on how to make your company brand synonymous with being the best place to be for remote workers.”

Becca Van Nederynen, Head of People Ops at Help Scout, agrees that one of the most exciting things about remote work is access to great talent. “I love optimizing for excellence over geography,” she says. “Also, if you have the right structures in place, I love the flexibility and work-life balance that comes hand in hand with working remotely.”

You won’t want to miss this lineup. Audience Q&A to follow the discussion.

Sunil Sadavisan
CTO, Buffer (@sunils34)
Asha Aravindakshan
Operations Director for Global Talent, Ashoka (@dcasha)
Liz Hall
VP of People, Trello (@Liz_Hall1)
Mel Larsen
People Operations, Help Scout (@Mel_A_Larsen)
Rob Long
VP Growth, Workable (@_RobLong_)
Becca Van Nederynen
Head of People Ops at Help Scout (@rvannederynen)

You can attend this event in person at Workable’s Boston office, or (appropriately) you can join remotely via livestream. Spots are going fast, so RSVP today.

About Workable Ideas

Workable Ideas is a new speaker series that aims to showcase progressive thinking in HR and recruitment. There’s always more to learn and we believe in sharing good ideas. If you’re more into collaboration than competition, we’ll be sharing field notes that can be used to hire talented people, build effective teams and navigate the changing world of work. To get a sense of future topics, visit our blog. We’ve recently covered social recruitment, employee engagement, the gig economycults versus culture, and the war for talent.

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Christine Del Castillo

Christine Del Castillo is the former Community Manager at Workable. She wrote about employee experience, talent brands and our event series, Workable Ideas. She tweets @chrissachrissa.

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