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#WorkableChat is a bi-weekly twitter chat where we speak with the leading thinkers in HR. It’s your chance to get hints and tips from the experts on topics from scaling recruitment efforts to HR technology and much more.

We had our first NYC guest, Natalie Ledbetter, Head of Talent Acquisition at Shapeways, sharing insight on what recruitment is all about – people.

Check out the highlights below.

Let’s start off with telling us about @ and your role on the team?


What are some of your biggest hiring challenges that you face recruiting at Shapeways?






When competing for engineers (+ manufacturers!) in a city like NYC, what’s been your approach to getting them in the door?


When you’re doing in-depth research on each candidate, how do you keep track of all that data? Any tools you use?





When you come across someone who’s a good fit, how do you make sure they have a good experience w/ you + the company?



Tell us about how you prep and coach you candidates! You mentioned this in the blog.



Really great perspectives from @ShapewaysTalent! Any last tips Natalie before we wrap up our #WorkableChat?

Thanks Natalie for sharing! You can keep in touch with her and she’s hiring in NYC + Netherlands

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Yuka Nagai

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