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Step up your social sourcing and get set for 2020 now

Workable Campaigns—our automated social sourcing tool—reaches high volumes of passive and active candidates through the familiar territory of Facebook and Instagram. Learn more about one of our most compelling tools and make social the friend who’s got your back as you head off for the holidays.

Premium job boards are a good way of reaching qualified candidates. But they still only target active jobseekers. To stand a better chance of hiring the perfect fit, you need a richer talent pool. Which means casting your net wider to include passive candidates too. And where better to find both than on social platforms?

Why social sourcing matters

Whether it’s for downtime or uptime, social media platforms routinely pull in high volumes of loyal users — job seekers and non-job seekers. (An example… most Facebook users aren’t active job seekers. And, yet, a 2017 Economic Impact Report shows that 1 in 4 people in the US found a job through the site.) So, social sourcing makes sense. But meaningfully targeting ads and connecting with prospects is challenging without a dedicated and experienced sourcing specialist on your team. Here’s where Workable can help.

Source and attract more candidates

Workable helps you build and promote your brand where your next candidates are. You’re always top of mind, whether they’re actively looking or not.

Start sourcing

Run hyper-targeted social campaigns at the click of a button

Workable automates the whole social campaign process, from finding best-fit passive candidates to connecting and encouraging them to apply. Which means, if you want to grow your talent pool and get qualified candidates through the door quickly, you don’t need a sourcing specialist to do it. You just need Workable.

Workable Campaigns Find candidates screen

So, how does Workable Campaigns work?

The campaign

Extracting information from your job, Workable builds a targeted ad on Facebook and Instagram to directly reach relevant candidates. Each ad is branded; so you can sell your company as well as your job.

Workable Campaigns ad

Want Workable to brand your ad for you? No problem. We’ll automatically apply your logo and a description to each ad. Want more control over your branding? That’s easy too. Upload your own images, add your own text and we’ll do the rest.

Workable Campaigns custom option

The candidate

When a candidate clicks on your ad they can submit their basic info on the spot. Their profile—enriched using publicly available data sourced online—will then automatically appear in your Workable pipeline. After submitting their info, each candidate is directed to your career page to fill out a full application form.

Find talent for tomorrow, today

With new budgets in place and fresh starts front of mind, new year’s traditionally a busy one for recruitment. Year end’s the opposite. But, with help from Workable Campaigns you can beat the hiring lull that’s looming and keep sourcing over the festive period (even if there’s no one left in the office).

One campaign attracts on average 10+ applicants in a week, which means you can start 2020 with a talent pool that’s rich and ready-to-go. Want to find out more? Get in touch,

Happy New Year!

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